Communication PLUS – Class 2

How to Communicate with Confidence

Live Hands-On Training with Borino

Helpful Assumptions

Borino - The creator of Communicatio PLUS Course for real estate agents
Borino - The Author of Communication PLUS

A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof
Don’t assume — KNOW.

What are your assumption when talking to prospects?

If you’re going to assume, than assume:

  • The want to sell and move
  • They want to move now
  • They want YOU to help them
  • They like you
  • They are cool people, easy to talk to
  • They are eager to work with you



You have six great listings on the market. Two more listings are pending and ready to close.
You also have two buyers under contract, and you’re working with another one, negotiating an offer.
You have one more buyer you will showing property this weekend.
Every day you have five hot leads you follow up with. You have four listing appointments lined up and confirmed with motivated, nice and friendly sellers.

Knowing this….

  • How will this change the way you feel, act and communicate?
  • How will you come across?
  • How will the prospects and clients respond?
  • How will your income, business and reality change?
  • What results will you get?


Bridge from past (negative experience) to future (exciting, positive) experience. Create link between happy future and YOU.

  • Would you point out the best features to me?
  • What do you think a qualified buyer will like the most about your house?
  • In your opinion,what will make them want to buy it?
  • Why will they like to live here?
  • What made you buy the house? What did you fall in love with?

“What do you think?” – people love giving opinions. They want to be heard. They matter – VALIDATION.
Qualifying Questions:

What is the main reason you’ve decided to move?
Why move now?
Where would you like to move to?
How soon would you like to be there?
What do you like most about living in [destination] ?
What matters to you the most when it comes to moving to [destination] ?
What would living in [destination] give you that you don’t already have here?


Real reason behind EVERY decision is a core emotion
You have core driving emotion – reason WHY you do what you do
Remember, you don’t want to list 30 houses. Or sell 30 houses. Or make $200,000. What is your core driving emotion?

WHY people move:

  • Prestige and admiration
  • Status
  • Safety and security
  • Happiness and love
  • Self-respect and self-worth
  • Comfort
  • Relief and Peace of mind

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#000000″]Appointment is a logical step on the way to fulfil their core driving emotion It is NOT about listing, selling or moving. It is about feeling better.[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

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This week’s assignments:

  1. Role-play with your partner EVERY DAY for 15 minutes. NO EXCEPTIONS. You have now established a new habit. Stick with it. Get better.
  2. Create Rapport and Connection index cards for personal visit
  3. Speak to minimum two prospects (expireds, seller leads, buyer leads) in person and record the conversations
  4. Make people around you smile
  5. Set one listing appointment

This week’s role-play teams:

Jim Basquette    513-703-6523
Sahba Samimi    301-580-9500

Chris Cassidy    978-590-7326
Leesa Thompson    310-890-4439

Eric Amrhein    818-281-4666
Winston West    407-486-6888

Aileen Martinez    914-645-0991
Earl King    403-819-7706

Justin Nielsen    202-744-1928
Dave Winston    717-329-8531

Juanita Simkins    719-229-5770
Ron McIntire    509-951-7653

Tim Fennell    904-568-4528
Paul Vyhnalek    909-267-7322

Jeanette Starc    303-520-9425
Mark Sobotka    773-968-4461

Ron Shute    860-306-0888
Shari Gant    301-523-3765

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1    Ron McIntire    355
2    Paul Vyhnalek    290
3    Chris Cassidy    275
4    Jim Basquette    180
5    Leesa Thompson    135
6    Ron Shute    20
7    Sahba Samimi    0
8    Eric Amrhein    0
9    Winston West    0
10    Aileen Martinez    0
11    Earl King    0
12    Justin Nielsen    0
13    Dave Winston    0
14    Juanita Simkins    0
15    Tim Fennell    0
16    Jeanette Starc    0
17    Mark Sobotka    0
18    Shari Gant    0


Replay – Session 2

 Live Coaching Session 3 – Tuesday,  May 29

9 AM Pacific – 12 PM Eastern

Please use a private, QUIET office where you will not be disturbed for at least 70 minutes. NO DISTRACTIONS!

You may also use Skype to connect.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions: We’ll talk on Tuesday!